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icons: KAT-TUN.

Anou, I was making kat-tun icons the entire day (yesterday). I'm a noob, though. My poor pc was suffering under an abnormal speed but still.. that didn't stop me from making the icons! XD

I'm so much of a newbie so, please forgive me.

By the way, feel free to give some comments and a little credit would really make me happy *<lj user= sweetsaltaddict>* (if you're going to take some, by any chance). 

Samples desu:



I really like Kamenashi, Akanishi and Ueda so.. yeah. You'll understand when you see the icons.


I also made group icons. Well, we can't really see their faces clearly since their size is 100X100.


There you go~! 


Tags: !jex, icons: j-pop, icons: kat-tun
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